Patron Saint

Francis de sales was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Blessed Pius IX in 1877. In 1923, Francis was recognized as the patron saint of writers and journalists by Pope Pius XI. The Salesians of Don Bosco, the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales,... More+

Holy Mass Schedule during Public Health Emergency

Monday Morning 6:30am : Holy Mass in Kannada
Tuesday Morning 6:30am : Holy Mass in Kannada
Evening 6:30pm : Holy Mass in Tamil
Wednesday Morning 6:30am : Holy Mass in English
Thursday Evening 6:30pm : Holy Mass in Kannada
Friday Morning 6:30am : Holy Mass in Kannada
Saturday Morning 6:30am : Holy Mass in Kannada
Evening 6:30pm : Holy Mass in English (Anticipated Sunday Mass)
Sunday Morning 6:00am : Holy Mass in English
7:00am : Holy Mass in English
8:30am : Holy Mass in Kannada
9:30am : Holy Mass in Kannada
10:30am : Holy Mass in English (at Cemetery Chapel)
Evening 5:00pm : Holy Mass in English
6:00pm : Holy Mass in English

•    Children below the age of 10 and adults above 65 years are advised not to participate in the services.

•    All attending the services have to wear FACE MASK compulsorily at the premises and inside the church

•    Members of the faithful who are sick, pregnant women as well as those who have someone undergoing “Self-Quarantine” should not come to the services.

•    Benches / Kneelers are marked, and you are expected to follow and keep social distance

•    Safety of all should be the first priority

•    NO FOOTWEAR (Including Shoes) permitted inside the church. You may leave the footwear in your vehicle or outside the verandas. It will be wonderful if you can leave it in your vehicle.

•    As THERMAL SCREENING is mandatory for the participants, you are requested to come at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the service.

•    Though Sanitizer is available at the entrance of the church, you may bring your own personal Sanitizer and water.